I am back!

I have decided to get my blog back up and running and this time I have decided to use Ghost instead of Wordpress based on a recommendation from dchidell.com, another tech blog from a friend of mine so would recommend you check it out. Wordpress worries me in terms of Security and it seems to be quite clunky these days.

This is my first real post using Ghost as the below posts have been imported, the first thing that sticks out with Ghost is that when typing a post you get a live preview pane so you can see exactly what your post is going to look like.

The reason my blog has been down for so long is due to buying a house, starting a new job and getting married. I self host so have only just got around to getting my ESXI server back up and running.

I never made much progress with my CCIE but I have completed my DCICN exam and plan to take my DCICT exam in the next couple of weeks, once passed I will have my CCNA datacenter. This has taken priority over my CCIE as I need to know more about Nexus and general DC operations for work.

Anyway that is a quick update for me, hopefully will be posting more regular from now.