Virgin Media Business Broadband - Modem Mode

Simply, it doesn't exist... how disappointing.

I have been working on a network within student accommodation where I am staying during my final year of studies. Part of the new network system aggregates multiple WAN connections from multiple ISP's. The ISP's consist of Sky, BT, Plusnet and Virgin. I have terminated all the PPPOE connections on a pfSense box and thought I would also terminate the Virgin connections on pfSense by enabling the SuperHubs (SuperCruds) modem mode. I know a couple of people that have done this successfully before.

I head over to the Superhub admin page and look for the modem mode setting, I quickly realised it didn't exist and upon doing some research I quickly learnt that modem mode doesn't exist on Virgin business connections.

To add insult to injury the 2 Superhub's received a firmware upgrade now running BUS_V2.37.13 upon accessing the admin page the setting to enable modem mode appeared! Brilliant I thought, no more needing to NAT twice for these connections. I quickly tested this by enabling modem mode and connecting my laptop to port 4 on the superhub as instructed. The Superhub rebooted and my laptop recieved a public IP, gateway, DNS etc via DHCP. However I had no internet connectivity...strange. I made a call to the Virgin business technical team to ask and was informed that modem mode is still not supported and that I shouldn't enable it, it is a mistake.

So those looking online to see why modem mode doesn't work on their new business firmware now know why...